Christmas is soon here and as a vegan it always gets a little tougher. I have been vegan for a long time and of course I can get cravings for saffron buns, salmon and other christmas foods at Christmas. But I do not feel good when i eat it and i don´t think that it´s worth eating because of it.

I don’t miss the traditional Christmas table anymore now that I’ve found better alternatives that are vegan. However, a little more planning is required if you are going to have a vegan Christmas table.

The picture below was some of the vegan alternatives I bought last year.



You will find most in the picture at Goodstore and Paradiset (only available in Stockholm) which is great if you do not have time to make the Christmas food yourself. Because it is vegan does not have to mean that it is healthy. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of E-numbers and additives in many of the finished products. I also do not advocate soy or wheat and that can make it even harder. Traditions should be kept and I do it my way and with vegan food that doesn’t make me heavy in the body or make me overeat.

The best thing is to make your own Christmas food. Instead of posting lots of recipes, I thought I would share different good recipes that I have found online, there is alot! I have chosen the ones I think is the best, and think about choosing organic ingredients! 

Some of the recipes below include soy and i would rather switch to coconut cream and breadcrumbs for sesame seeds that you chop, etc. I hope I can inspire you to make your own vegan Christmas dinner!

My favorite recipes:

Herring – Vegan herring made on eggplant – You can find a recipe here!

Senapsill – Vegan herring made on augergine – You can find a recipe here!

Salmon –  Vegan salmon made on carrots – You can find a recipe here!

Beetroot salad – Vegan beetroot salad. – You’ll find a recipe here!

Meatballs – Vegan meatballs. – You’ll find a recipe here!

Sausage – Vegan Sausage – You can find a recipe here!

Herring Salad – Vegan Herring Salad – You can find a recipe here!

Swedish “Jansson” – Vegan “Jansson” – You can find a recipe here!

Christmas ham – Vegan ham – You can find a recipe here!

Saffron Buns – Vegan Saffron Buns – You can find a recipe here!

Rice porridge – Vegan Rice porridge – You can find a recipe here!


 (You have to translate some recipes that are in Swedish!)


Make a lovely salad made of kale, apple slices, olive oil and herb salt so you have the best base on your Christmas table!

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