About Johanna

From an early age, I learned to dream big, driven by endless imagination and my mother’s wisdom, who always told me: ‘You can be anything you want,’ a mantra that guided me through life.

My name is Johanna Bjurstrom. I specialize in health, beauty, mindset, manifestation, and entrepreneurship. My mission is to help over 1 million women realize their dreams and work with skincare as a lifestyle entrepreneur. I founded the Superhero Entrepreneur Method and the Happy Skin Coach program. Today, I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur, traveling and living in freedom and educated women. 

As a visionary entrepreneur and trailblazer with over 20 years of experience in the business world, I have built 6 successful companies over the years. I am not only an experienced Superhero Entrepreneur, but my dedication and excellence have earned well-deserved recognition, making me a true inspiration in the beauty and health field. I have equipped many people with the right mindset, health, beauty, wealth, and business transformation tools.

I have been recognized as a top professional in the green beauty industry in Scandinavia and among women leaders to look up to in 2024 in the World. I have not only played football myself but also worked with elite athletes and some of the world’s leading football players.

I have also been interviewed on TV, featured on magazine covers, and served on prestigious juries and boards. I am also an author of the books Johannas 10 Keys and Happy Skin. Besides my entrepreneurial successes, I have participated in beauty pageants like Miss Sweden and pursued a career in modeling.

My portfolio of successful businesses spans various industries, from skincare clinics to helping elite athletes achieve greater success, web and design agencies, and an online academy for health and beauty. I have become one of the best in each area of my industry. Today, I teach women to become Happy Skin Coaches – The Holistic Way for Generation X and Beyond. 

Even though I had the best conditions as a child, I have also faced failures. In the early stages of my entrepreneurship, I was pulled in multiple directions – between the company, family, and customers. I constantly chased new clients to generate more income, which eventually became overwhelming, leading to ill health, burnout, and depleted energy. I consistently felt that I could contribute more to the world but couldn’t find how to do it, and eventually, I became depressed. My health was bad, and my skin had acne and eczema. I had mercury position from amalgam, and I was really sick.    

One day, I had enough, and the more I was in the negative spiral, the more I got out of that. I reached out for help, and I began to look for ways to do things differently, to get back my imagination, to start envisioning, not caring about what others think, and to follow my path. I realized I needed to take responsibility for my thoughts and health. I delved into various areas such as health, mindset, business skills, the beauty industry, and entrepreneurship (I educated myself to become a beauty therapist, dermopath, homeopath, nutritionist, functional medicine, mitochondrial medicine, NLP practitioner, personal trainer, different business skills, certified board member, and CEO education, and mentors, among others). 

When I began to apply my new knowledge in practice, such as changing my food, using organic products, setting the right goals, treating the root cause, truly feeling what I wanted, and taking the right actions, I achieved many results I couldn’t have imagined. The combination and methods I have developed are unparalleled and have helped me and many others. A major key to success is holistically seeing your business and life, where several things play a part and role.

Many teach about health, beauty, and entrepreneurship but haven’t experienced the journey or what it entails. My experience has been the best education ever, and there is nothing you can learn in a university. Being an entrepreneur is like riding a rollercoaster, which can be uncertain. When you have the business skills, the power to be a magnet, laser focus, know how to set goals you reach, take care of your health, and have leadership you are proud of, your life is more stable. I love to teach women my knowledge and see them grow and start their own lifestyle businesses while working with their passion for health and beauty.
I’m also a mentor, traveling worldwide to lecture about my skills. 

Along with good health, beauty, mindset, and business skills, you must develop a growing mindset to scale and automate your life for success. If you have stagnations and blockages in your body, the manifestation and energies will not come forth as they should and can hinder what you wish and think to become true. You need these skills to be a great visionary and dreamer who wants to contribute to a better world through your life and business. 

Over the years, I have developed my health, beauty, and business methods along my journey, and with time, people have asked how I achieved all the dreams I set up. I started teaching others my method and saw that they also got fabulous results, and I have educated thousands of women to better health, beauty, and having a successful business. I know what works and what works less well. You need to do the right things in the right way, and by following a method step-by-step, you will get to your dream faster and easier.

I’m superexacted to teach you all my skills in my Happy Skin Coach program. 

Johanna Bjurstrom