About Johanna

For over 25 years, I have been inspiring and sharing my knowledge about holistic beauty, and my goal is to help over 1 million women achieve better health and beauty.

My journey began at the age of 12 when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (chronic bleeding inflammation of the colon). The root cause was mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings I received at the dentist. The mercury gradually caused inflammation in my intestines, pain, various food intolerances, and allergies, and my skin suffered severely from acne and eczema.

I loved playing soccer and dreamed of becoming a professional player. However, at the age of 18, I seriously injured my knee. I remember that day vividly, and the constant question in my mind was how I could injure myself so badly at 18. Today, I know it was due to the food I ate, the stress I lived under to perform, and the high levels of mercury and other heavy metals that negatively impacted my body.

I had to find a new dream, and that is the dream I live today! My journey took a new turn when I began working as a model, despite my skin problems. It became natural for me to focus more on that when I couldn’t pursue my previous plans. I participated in Miss Sweden 1996 as Miss Stockholm, and it was a fantastic time. We were tasked with lecturing young people about the harmful effects of smoking and how it affects both the inside and the outside. I loved standing in front of young people and being a role model. I had found my place and a new dream!

My passion for health and beauty led me to become a skin therapist. I opened my first skin clinic right after my training but quickly discovered that the creams I had on the shelves weren’t enough for me or my clients. I realized I needed to work both from the inside and the outside to really help people. I further trained as a dermopath, homeopath, in nutrition and functional medicine, NLP practitioner, personal trainer, micronutrient therapist, in mitochondrial medicine, and more. I understood that I needed to work with the whole person, where everything matters, both from the inside and the outside.

After many years of studies and experience, I have developed a method that integrates the best of all these therapies. I have so far trained over 1000 students, and my philosophy is based on seeing the individual as a whole and understanding that each person’s needs are unique. I strongly believe in using clean, organic, and natural products, as well as a nutritious diet and a balanced mindset to strengthen both body and skin.

Today, I am completely healed from my intestinal disease, mercury poisoning, and skin problems. I have the tools I need to feel good and be in balance. I have more energy and drive than I had when I was 20. I have found the solution to sustainable health and beauty, and I radiate from the inside out.

Over the years, I have built 6 successful companies. My dedication and excellence have earned me well-deserved recognition, making me a true inspiration in the beauty and health field. I have equipped many people with the right mindset, health, beauty, wealth, and business transformation tools.

I have been recognized as a top professional in the green beauty industry in Scandinavia and among women leaders to look up to in 2024 in the World. I have also worked with elite athletes and some of the world’s leading football players.

I have been interviewed on TV, featured on magazine covers, and served on prestigious juries and boards. I am also the author of Johanna’s 10 Keys and Happy Skin.

My experience has taught me what works and what works less well. I have developed a unique method that combines health, beauty, mindset, manifestation, and entrepreneurship, and this method has helped me and many others achieve fantastic results.

Today, I run the Happy Skin Coach program, where I train women to become certified Happy Skin Coaches. By combining health, beauty, mindset, manifestation, and entrepreneurship, I have built a successful career and inspired many to follow their own dreams.

I look forward to creating a future where you both feel and look fantastic from the inside out. Join my free Happy Skin Community, where you can get tips and step-by-step guidance on achieving younger and happier skin from the inside out.

Johanna Bjurstrom