Happy Skin Coach

Imagine waking up daily fueled by a deep passion for beauty, health, and the power of holistic skincare. As a Happy Skin Coach, you can transform your passion into a fulfilling career or enhance your own life with invaluable knowledge that serves you for a lifetime.

This journey is not just about personal growth but about mastering holistic skincare and becoming a beacon of inspiration for others. You will learn to understand the intricate connection between the skin and the body’s internal organs, using diagnostic tools like facial and tongue diagnostics to tailor your approach to individual needs. This program provides a comprehensive education on holistic skincare, allowing you to support yourself and your clients effectively.

Throughout the program, you will receive continuous support through weekly Q&A sessions, health coaching sessions, and an active community where you can share experiences and get answers to your questions. You will see transformative results in your health, beauty, and professional life.

Throughout the Happy Skin Coach program, you will delve into various modules that cover essential aspects of holistic skincare:

Johanna’s Method: You will explore Johanna’s tried and tested method and apply a new way of thinking about energy and health. 

The Language of the Skin: Gain in-depth knowledge about how the skin reflects the body’s internal health. You will learn to listen to your body’s unique language and discover a holistic view of your body connected to the skin.

Diagnostic Tools: Learn to interpret facial and tongue diagnostics, providing insights into what each individual needs to work on for optimal health and beauty.

Johanna’s 10 Beauty Keys: Practically implement Johanna’s 10 beauty keys in your daily routine and apply them when coaching others. These keys are essential tools for achieving and maintaining healthy skin.

Work with your health and beauty: During the education, you also work on your own health and beauty. Stay in the community as long as you need and complete the education at your own pace.

Nutrition for the Skin and Body: Dive deeper into nutrition, understanding the vital link between diet and skin health. Learn about the nutrition staircase, superfoods, adaptogens, and how to create a Happy Skin menu tailored to your clients’ needs.

Happy Skin Coaching: Master the art of coaching from a holistic perspective. Learn how to coach both in groups and one-on-one, using a comprehensive Skin Problem Menu to address various skin conditions effectively.

Skin Products and Treatments: Discover why organic products are beneficial and how to use tools like Gua Sha stones, cups, and massage techniques to sculpt the face and enhance natural beauty.

Design Your Lifestyle Business: While the primary focus is on holistic skincare, you’ll also gain insights into building a successful lifestyle business. Learn to become a lifestyle business leader, attract clients, and build a supportive community. And much more…..

Join us and embark on a journey to a healthier, more beautiful you. Whether you choose to enhance your personal knowledge or become a certified Happy Skin Coach, this program offers a pathway to achieving your dreams.

“Dream big, dream even bigger ”

– Johanna Bjurstrom