To get good skin health, you need to start from the inside. In this blog post I give you general advice and tips that have worked for me and those I’ve helped over the years.

1. The importance of the diet for the health of the skin
The diet is key for the health of the skin! Be sure to eat a lot of vegetables and eliminate inflammatory foods (wheat, milk, meat, deep-fried food, milk powder, etc.) This will give your skin better conditions for vitality and elasticity. Add extra enzymes and lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) for the gut. Increase the amount of vegetables on your plate to at least 50%, decrease the rest and add healthy fats.

2. Stress and worry
When stressed and worried, the skin is affected negatively. Circulation is reduced and the skin gets less nutrition. The skin is the last to receive nourishment, as the body prioritizes the internal organs. By doing relaxing exercises and mindfulness, you can help both the skin and the body to better nutrition and vitality.

3. Clean and effective skin care products
Everything you put on your skin also affects your internal organs. The liver may have to work extra hard when you overburden your skin with too much chemicals. I usually use avocado oil (one of the oils that is best absorbed by the skin) and coconut oil to boost my skin with extra moisture and nutrition. Today, there are also many good skin care products on the market that are clean and help improve your skin.
Radiate from the inside out!

Johanna – Your Beauty Master!