It is important to see how clean the foods you eat are, and the cleaner the food, the more vitality, and the more vitality the finer the skin is! 🙂

Most diets contain vegetables, and it is the greens that give you vitality! I recommend filling your plate with at least 50% vegetables and fewer other foods. Just this change can do a lot for your health.

1. Eat an enzyme-rich diet
Increase the proportion of fresh vegetables on your plate and ensure that the stomach acid is at a good level by chewing the food properly. Make all your meals from scratch and avoid food with additives; they create fatigue and reduce digestion. Add more raw vegetables to the plate, as the enzymes are destroyed when you cook the food above 42 degrees. Steam lightly if you have trouble eating fresh vegetables due to reduced intestinal function.

2. Eat a pH-balanced diet
Eat a more base-forming than oxygen-forming diet, which means more vegetables, good fats, and whole plant-based proteins.

3. Oxygenate your body
When you move your body at least 30 minutes daily, you increase the oxygenation and nutrition of all your vital organs. Another way is to breathe deeply from the stomach, in and out through the nose. Do it at least 15 minutes daily and you will feel a big difference!

4. Strengthen your immune system
Choose foods that favor your immune system, such as Vitamin C (for example, red bell pepper), selenium (for example, brazil nuts), and zinc (for example, red lentils). Avoid all white foods, such as sugar, wheat, milk, and table salt, which adversely affect the body by acting as mucus and creating inflammation.

5. A working digestive system
Good digestion is the condition for good skin and health. Ensure you chew your food properly, eat slowly, and add good bacteria to help your gut function better. They also help with nutrient uptake and strengthen your immune system. You get the good bacteria by eating sour vegetables and a little of them daily.