I have trained and studied mental training for many years. It is so wonderful when you understand that you can see life from a different view and that it is a choice which view you choose to see it from.

The whole body is one; everything is connected! If you do not feel well mentally, it will also affect your skin negatively. During stress, more cortisol and adrenaline are released from the adrenal glands, which affect the neurotransmitters, the brain, the nervous system, and the heart and eventually affect the whole body. When the nervous system is on constant guard, it will also affect circulation, and both of these systems need flow and circulation to function. When circulation is reduced, the skin receives less nourishment. 

Exercises that give you more energy: 

 1. Update your social life – remove rotten fruit!

Life’s energy, treasure, and joy should be on your daily feel-good list. It is often energy thieves who take power from you. If you have someone near you who takes a lot of energy from you, consider the following:

– Do I feel good about this relationship? What happens to me when I hang out with him/her?

– How much energy does the person take from me? How can I influence him/her not to take my energy? What is the solution?

– What would I like to put my energy on instead?

The first answer you think of is usually correct, even though it may feel challenging to change or renounce the friendship with this person.

2. Gratitude

The most crucial point!

– Introduce gratitude exercise in the family. Let everyone discuss what they are grateful for and walk the team around. You will hear beautiful things that will make you reflect and understand yourself and your surroundings better.

Write down at least 3 new things you are grateful for in a book and then read it aloud to yourself.

If you are more grateful, life will be much easier and more fun. You increase the joy of life and the life force.


Other good exercises you can do:

– Breathe the way you would if you felt comfortable with life.

– Smile as often as possible, whether you feel like it or not. Do this for at least 10 seconds at a time. Smile at people in town, and you will get a smile back.

– Imagine that you have just won 2 million on the lottery. Jump and stretch your arms in the air; shout out your joy.

– Talk nonstop for 1-2 minutes about something you are passionate about. How do you feel afterward? Usually very pleasurable 🙂


You can have more youthfulness when you reduce stress and negative thoughts. Make sure you have friendships that give you energy, regular exercise, meditation, and group membership. The two biggest keys that can help reduce stress are laughter and meditation. Laughter reduces anxiety, tension, and stress. A good laugh can make you up to 8 years younger! Meditation and relaxation make the brain cells and memory relationships feel good, which can lead to you preventing depression and anxiety and instead increase your energy and power! Be sure to refuel your body with both good thoughts and good food!

Good luck!