I hope everything is okay with you despite all that is going on! I try to keep calm, and it´s important to spread love instead of fear in these times!

I will share how you can get a better mindset through 4 steps. As I mentioned, we all must act out of love rather than fear.

What does the right mindset have to do with the skin and health?

Unfortunately, many people feel bad about not taking command of their lives and doing what they dream of. Fear and not doing like everyone else can create doubt and uncertainty.

I have met many people who are feeling ill because of this, and the most common symptoms can appear on the skin, such as acne, eczema, and premature aging.

I give you 4 steps to strengthen your self-esteem and belief in yourself!

4 steps to a better mindset!

The most common cause of fear is to do differently than others. Today we know that we humans would instead go against our own dreams than accept that conflict or go against the norms and be different. Dare to trust your own gut feeling and to feel and think for what you need yourself is something we are not used to. We would instead let fear decide over us.

I have distanced myself from society’s norms. And trained me to trust my gut feeling and dare to feel what I need. I have not always done that, but I have trained in small steps daily to get there. To trust your gut feeling, even though others say you shouldn’t, is to go your own way. It is scary to go your own way, and the advice you get from their nearest ones is not always the best, as they usually act based on fear when they do not want you to fail.

Should more people act on the basis of love and understand the other’s feelings and needs, the world would look different. Of course, you make and choose mistakes that you thought were good, but it is also a part of the journey.

I always assume that other people want my best but do not see it the same way as me or feel that craving in the stomach of feeling that this is the right choice. Many may think that I make different choices than others, and my family, yes, they are used to it, haha. Making my own choices makes me happy, and I love to train my courage to walk my way.

I have developed 4 steps, which take you to a different frequency and thoughts and make it easier to walk your way and act based on love!

1. Target image

You need a goal first and foremost. If you know what you want in life, acting is easier. Have a plan. Otherwise, you will become someone else’s plan. Make a so-called “treasure map” of what you want in life, and draw, cut, and paste on paper. What does not take you closer to the goal, Easier said than done, maybe, but if you know the goal, it’s easier to know which way to go. Rest, think, and feel safe in your choice. The great thing is that if you make the wrong choice, it can open other doors later.

Exercise 1: What are your goals? Write them on paper, cut and paste them and put it on the wall and watch it every day!

2. What does the trip look like?
Draw the way to the goal!
Print on a piece of paper – start and finish. It’s up to you if you want a straight stretch or a path that winds. Start from the goal and back in time and set goals.
Print out the goal in the text, then step back gradually towards the start and write what the trip looks like and what you need to do to reach the goal step by step. It is not written in stone, but it is important to get out of the way, and you can always change your mind along the way.

Exercise 2: Now draw a line and write start and finish at each end. Start from the goal and back to the start. What will be the next step to take from where you are now?

3. Act and socialize with like-minded people
Everyone can achieve their dreams, but why doesn’t everyone do it?
This is because you stop at point 2. You plan the trip, but you never act on it.
Acting is scary; you may not have the support of the right people around you or have not trained enough. It is easier not to act because when you act, it takes courage, self-esteem, and self-confidence to dare to trust your own gut feeling.
One tip is to remove judgmental and negative people, so-called energy thieves, and socialize with people who have already made the journey, which is at the right frequency that can lift and inspire you.

Exercise 3: If there are no obstacles, what is the first thing you would do? This is usually the right way to act, although it may not be possible here and now.
What could you do today to get closer to the goal if you had to choose one thing?
Which of your friends do you need to take away, and who do you want more of in your life?

4. Daily reflection and exercise
Choosing love before fear requires exercise, as the brain’s defense begins to fear. You can exercise every day by observing and understanding what has triggered the fear.
Is it sadness? Are you angry or frustrated? No matter what feeling it is, it is part of you. What you can control is to let go of the feeling and get to a position where you accept it.

Exercise 4:
A. Stop, lift the feeling you feel and feel (very good to perform mindfulness to get there). What’s the worst that could happen? What can the feeling do to me? Why do I feel like this?
B. Name the feeling now – are you sad, angry, frustrated, scared, or jealous? Name the feeling with – I’m riled because I have no energy or angry that I never do right. What is the root cause?
C. Now say goodbye to the feeling – say aloud to yourself and the feeling: you can not go on “vacation” for a while and give me space and ask it to please take a step aside.

Now practice picking up the emotion, naming it, and asking the emotion to stand aside. When you practice for a while, it will happen automatically, you will not be as scared, and you will act more based on love!

In my mastermind, you will learn to strengthen yourself mentally and act differently than you might be today, which is important for your business and you. 

Have a lovely continued week, and good luck on your trip!