Right now im in Santiago, Chile after a 2 day trip. We went in the middle of the storm, and missed our connecting flight because of it. Which gave us an extra day in Paris, but im in the sun now! I usually go away on a trip when I feel like i need the sun a lot and now it was time. It is so wonderful to sit in the sun, turn on the computer and continue the same way I do at home. New environments is so important and the sun of course. 🙂

Do you have something you need extra of from time to time?

Today, I thought I would bring up 5 things that you can start with that will make you age more slower. Start with one step at a time if it gets too much in the beginning.


5 things that slow down aging!

Stress is something that affects your body and skin very negatively. When you stress, it strangles the circulation and the skin gets less vitality. Finding calm moments with recovery is important and having support systems is something that helps me a lot.

These support systems make you live more in the present and you become more present. It may be that you write down what you are grateful for every day, that you exercise daily, or do yoga and meditation. When your body gets to relax and get some peace and quiet, your whole body will feel better. When you stress, you release cortisol and adrenaline from the adrenal glands. Which in turn affects your neurotransmitters, your brain, your nervous system, your heart, and your entire body’s activity. When the adrenal glands become exhausted, the levels drop and then the body has destroyed its own ability to withstand stress.

You can have more youthfulness if you reduce your stress, using friendships that give you energy, exercise, meditation and group affiliation. The two biggest stress fighters are laughter and meditation. Laughter reduces anxiety, tension and stress and a good laugh can make you up to 8 years younger! Meditation and relaxation maintain the brain cells and nurture the memory relationships and counteract stress, which helps prevent conditions like depression and anxiety.

1. Support system
What support systems do you need each day to reduce stress? Meditation, yoga, walking in the woods, writing, hanging out with friends, reading, taking a bath or going for a massage are some support systems. Choose one or more that you think would help you better.

2. The power of thoughts
With the power of thought you can do wonders. You can get everything you want, only you want it enough and you mean it. Make a memory you have been with that made you happy. Imagine you’re there again, let yourself be surrounded by that feeling. It will improve, among other things, your brain function and you will be more happy. Let your imagination flow, just like children’s brains do 🙂

3. Deep breath
When you take a deep breath, you put your body in a fantastic way. Most often we breathe high in the chest and the actual nutritional exchange in the alveoli at the bottom of the lungs fails in its full force. Deep breathing has lots of benefits, including It increases your energy, your vitality and your circulation, which gives your skin more nutrition.

4. Fuel the body and skin with the correct fuel
The choice of which food you choose to put in you affects how your skin and body feel. Antioxidants protect, among other things. Skin cells from oxidizing prematurely and add good fats that lubricate your vessels and your skin. Increase up to 50% of the vegetables on the plate and also add acidified vegetables that the gut needs to have a good bacterial balance. Drink clean and fresh water and chew your food better. All this will increase nutritional intake and make the body and skin more vital. Remove sugar and all the white, which causes inflammation and that your vitamin C is consumed faster, which is needed to build collagen fibers in the skin (your firmness).

5. Nourishing skin care products
The skin also needs nourishment from the outside and give the skin the best condition, with organic and nourishing products that are completely natural. There are a lot on the market and go follow me on my Instagram if you want to get more tips on skin care products, but also what with what you already have at home in the pantry. I also share different recipes to boost the skin inside and out.

My Beauty Mastery Program, which lasts for 7 weeks, gives you all the knowledge you need to make your skin look its best. You also get my support in the facebook group and many who walk it notice only after a few weeks a big difference in the skin and body for that part 🙂

Have an amazing radiant skin!

Johanna – Your Health Hero