Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! The year is almost over, so i thought it was good that I share my 7 tips for a sustainable 2020!

When you stress, the muscles tighten, leading to sore throat, abdomen but also other organs and systems become impaired and then adversely affects the skin. When you get a sustainable lifestyle, your skin is going to radiate!


7 tips for a sustainable 2020!

You have three systems that need good circulation and these need to work together to be balanced. These three systems are the circulatory system, the lymphatic system and the nervous system, which is also a system that needs flow and movement. In the nervous system you will find the so-called neuropeptides. They are similar to proteins because they are formed by chains of amino acids, but are smaller than ordinary proteins. These neuropeptides act as informants between the cells. When you stress, depress your emotions, they get stuck in the nervous system, which leads to pain in the shoulders, back pain and depression.
If these systems doesn´t work together, it also appears on the skin, usually as premature aging.

I also usually talk about three kinds of stress. The physical, the emotional and the third that sit between the organs and create imbalances, among other things, in the three systems I mentioned above.

When you stress daily your sympathetic nervous system takes over, which increases the adrenaline and cortisol secretion from the adrenal glands and they work unnecessarily, which leads to imbalances in the endocrine system. You need a balance between the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system and when you are in the parasympathetic state you are more calm and the blood pressure is lowered and the muscles become less tense.

Let 2020 be different and strengthen these systems, which means that you also strengthen in your personal leadership. When you strengthen from the inside, you also strengthen the skin!

You have superpowers and you need to use them properly! I’ll show you how:

1. Manage stress
You need to observe and learn when the stress switch is turned on. Is stress triggered by thoughts that go off in your head, or are there close relationships that affect you, or do you simply have too high demands on yourself? The reasons may be many, but what has helped me is the mindset of the Indians. When they have thought ONE thought more than TWO times, they either need to do something about the thought and act on it, or throw away the thought in the trash (forget it).

Define the following:
A: What’s making you stressed?
B: Can I do something about it? Yes – if so, what do I need to do? No – throw it in the trash!

Maybe it´s easier said than done, but if you exercise on a daily basis, you get results. Many of us think the same thoughts all of our lives, without doing anything about it. If you are inhibited and do not act on your dreams, you become bitter and depressed. Do what you dream of and dare to throw yourself out. Ignore what others think and have good close relationships. What you will regret on the deathbed is that you never took the chance! Have a little more fun in life and make sure to be crazier 😉

2. Movement and exercise
When you stress, so-called “muscle crystals” are formed, you start to creak and crunch in the joints and it is the slag of minerals that gets stuck in the body. If you have a lot of stress, your circulatory system is throttled by a tense nervous system and more slag products are formed that load the lymphatic system. Movement for at least 30 minutes a day helps you to strengthen the three systems.

3. Be out in nature
It is important to reflect and to be alone with yourself. Go out into the woods, it heals and gives you more energy. Your brain loves nature and you have seen in studies that mixed forest is the best forest for the mind. The amygdala is a part of the brain that forms your alarm center. The Amygdala will be calm when it´s quiet and you are in the forest. Silence can save us, which leads to a fearlessness of restlessness. The fear of silence and restlessness has increased by 600% since the arrival of the mobile phones. When you are quiet you can listen to yourself so don´t bring your headphones out into the woods, but listen to nature and reflect with your thoughts. Then things usually fall into place.
Sit still in the forest and listen to what the forest says, you will be surprised how much energy and inspiration it gives you.

4. Breathing and recovery
When you breathe right, in and out through the nose and far into the abdomen, you oxygenate the entire body and excess carbon dioxide (slag) can get out of the body easier. This means that you get more energy and your skin becomes cleaner and has a better nutrient absorption. The most important is the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Meditate daily and i recommend to do it while you are out in the woods for even better results.

5. Clear values
Don´t judge yourself and others. Reduce your cognitive dissonance by changing your attitudes, opinions and actions for the better. Cognitive dissonance has everyone thrown off, but if you have set your values ​​and what is important to you, it is easier to know which way to go. Write down your deepest values ​​and follow them through life. Mine, for example, is freedom, trust and creativity.
Everything is a mirror to yourself. When you smile at others, they will smile back at you! Talk about emotions and lighten your heart! Consume less and see what actually makes you happy and happy for real.

6. The vital sleep
The blue light affects your pineal gland, leading to decreased melatonin formation and poorer sleep. Turn off all phones, computers, tv´s, etc. for a few hours before bedtime. Don’t eat after 6pm and avoid fast carbohydrates too late, which results in poor sleep. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and 400 mg of magnesium before bedtime, so you usually sleep better (if you have trouble sleeping).

7. Eat greens
When you give the body more nutrition, it will have better conditions to feel good. The brain, gut and heart are all made up of brain cells. An inflamed intestine produces an inflamed brain, which leads to a weaker heart. Increase the proportion of vegetables on the plate to at least 50%, and you drastically reduce inflammation in the body. Be sure to do a review of your values ​​and feel free to seek out an Advanced Skin Therapist or a Health and Lifestyle Therapist that I have trained to know exactly what you need for nutrition and any other supplements. Find one here!

Let 2020 make you a more sustainable person!

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