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A common question I often get is if an eye cream can help with bags under the eyes? My answer is both yes and no. First, we need to think, what is it that has made the bags have arisen?

To address the basic problem, you primarily need to change your lifestyle. Only the cream will not help, but a good cream can help to increase the microcirculation of the skin so that it is better drained and thus temporarily suppress local swelling.

If signs of aging come quickly, you may need to review your lifestyle and especially stress factors. Crows around the eyes can be a sign of stress and the body needs more magnesium.

1. Review your diet and lifestyle
What do you put into yourself, how much you sleep and how much you move and stress?
Are you sleeping well?
Are you moving enough?
Do you stress a lot?
Do you eat a nutritious diet?

If you do not get to the above needs, it can affect your kidneys, which in turn can affect your pH and may appear as bags under the eyes.

Make sure you get at least one green juice and one smoothie a day. Fill your plate with 50% vegetables and pull down on the other foods. Drink 10 glasses of water and perform at least 30 minutes a day of mindfulness and deep breathing if you have a lot of stress in and around you.

You can also add supplements with magnesium and silicon that are extra good for the skin around the eyes.

2. Use a lighter eye cream and apply it correctly
Being swollen may also be because you apply the same cream to the entire face including the eyes. An ordinary eye cream can be too heavy for your thin skin around your eyes, which can create a swelling. Buy a natural, organic eye cream with no synthetic substances in it that is adapted to have around the eyes. Some that I think are good are, Dr. Sannas, Esse, Rosenserien and Mette Picaut and others.

Make sure you apply the cream correctly and dab on the cream on your skin with your fingertips and do not push too hard or pull the skin. It can cause you to stretch and expose your skin to unnecessary wear.
Use small light movements and work from the outside in and apply only under the eye and not on the eyelid, preferably a bit in from the eye to the eyelid. If you apply it over or too close to the eye, you may become swollen. You can also apply just under the eyebrow, it is perfectly ok but no further down than that. The cream spreads and moistens and strengthens where needed anyway.


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