Everything is composed of energy, the building block of all matter. Energy is constantly flowing and changing its form. When the vibration increases (higher energy), we feel lighter, positive, and happy, and it becomes straightforward to create new healthy habits. But when the energy and frequency decrease, we can feel low, depressed, scared, and insecure, and no energy is left for change. When we raise our vibration, positive feelings flow easily, and there is space to grow and transform.

I’m sharing 10 ways to raise your energy and frequency this week!

If you feel your vibration is low right now, you can raise your energy with any of these 10 easy ways. The more you do, the higher the energy.

1. Love and appreciate yourself

Love your flaws as much as you love your assets. Tell yourself every day how much you love yourself!

2. Gratitude

Gratitude is the fastest way to raise your vibration. Be grateful for small things like living, breathing, hearing birds singing, a healthy meal, family, etc.

3. Don’t surround yourself with negativity

Remove Energy thieves who take more energy than they give in your life. Stop watching the news and don’t listen to gossip, creating more negativity.

4. Laugh more

How can you get more laughter into your daily life? Live in the moment and make sure to get more fun moments into your life!

5. Stop judging other people

When judging others, the biggest fear of one’s self is to be judged. Accept others with kindness. Let things flow and dare to lose control. Talk to yourself and others with kindness and a positive outlook.

6. Have more time for yourself

Schedule alone time in your calendar. Having alone time is one of the most important moments of the day. Make sure to have at least 30 minutes per day. Avoid looking at your phone during your alone time. It´s better to meditate and deep breathe for calming and recovery.

7. Exercise and movement

Moving for at least 30 minutes a day raises your energy and creates more joy, happiness, and harmony!

8. Only compare yourself to yourself

Competition is not about other people. Your only competition is your ego. Compete to become a better version of yourself. You improve and nurture your inner leadership at the same time.

9. Eat a greener diet

Green food will give you higher vibrations. Fill your plate with at least 50% of fruit, vegetables, algae, nuts, and seeds. Stay away from processed food which lowers your energy and vibration.

10. Dance to music

Movement and sound lift you and encourage a deeper connection with your higher self. Put on your favorite song and move at least once a day! 🙂

What will you start with today?