As you develop your lifestyle business, you must shift your energy. You must also hold more energy under your wings when you earn more money and have more clients. If you can’t hold more energy, you won’t succeed in your business either.

Everything is interconnected, and when you have a blockage in your energy field, it will also affect your body and mind. Good and great things happen when you have flow in your energy field!

The feeling of resistance can create blockages in your energy field and cause your body and mind to become more sluggish, leading to a loss of creativity, productivity, and energy. These qualities are very important for us entrepreneurs to succeed. These feelings and actions are programmed and occur in your subconscious (operate on autopilot).

First, you must deal with your emotions that may be standing in the way and creating stagnation in your energy field. Emotions such as shame, guilt, fear, and worry, among others, can stop you from achieving your dreams and visions. Therefore, it is important to define them so you can see them, understand why you have them, accept them, and finally take action. This way, you can transform your subconscious into a better one.

Responsibility is the opposite of guilt; you cannot take responsibility as long as you are guilty. What happens is that you become a victim of your circumstances.

Positive thinking alone is not enough for energy to flow. Please create a change and work with the root cause. One needs to express one’s truth and take responsibility for one’s energy. 

What you put your energy into and, most importantly, how you choose to “splash” it is crucial for success. Everything is a mirror, and how we act is a reflection of ourselves. We are responsible for what we radiate. Our history, experiences, religion, and society create different emotions. 

You will achieve fantastic results if you are responsible for limiting emotions that block healthy energy!

In my program, Happy Skin Coach, you work with your mindset, health, and beauty and how to create the right frequency to succeed in your lifestyle, business, and life!