The skin is your largest organ and also one of your important secretory organs, just like the liver, kidneys and tranquilizers. The body gets rid of toxins and impurities via these organs and the skin is the body’s language and way of speaking when it needs help. It can appear as acne, eczema, pigmentation or prematurely aged skin etc.

Stress, wrong living with poor diet and too many chemicals can adversely affect the skin and the body so clearly, everything belongs together! The function and environment of the gut is extremely important for how the skin is feeling. An overloaded bowel can mean an overloaded liver and an overloaded liver can cause an overloaded skin. Then it is important to relieve the body from toxins both from the outside and the inside.

5 tips for a better gut environment and a radiant skin on the bargain!

Eat green food and dink juices, so the gut can rest for periods. Make a juice of carrot, celery, spinach (kale if you have a gut that can handle it), broccoli, ginger and turmeric. Mild juices for the stomach can be beets, apple, spinach and cucumber. Remove fast carbohydrates (rice, pasta and wheat) and sugar but also milk for a better environment in the barrel.

Add probiotics and acidified vegetables! These help the intestine to have a better environment and increase the motility of the intestine.

Add good fats (eg avocado, olive oil, hemp, nuts) and drink about 2 liters of water a day (if you move a lot, you may need more water). Movement is important for the bowel’s motor, so find a physical form that suits you.

use good skin care products. We have lost about 35% of our bacteria on the skin and it is important to build up the skin’s immune system and barrier and not use  strong acids that can destroy the skin’s important acid coat and defense. In case of impaired skin, bacteria can easily enter and settle on the skin and create various skin problems.

Don’t forget to chew your food when you eat! It increases the absorption of nutrients and the intestine does not have to work extra hard with undigested food.
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Have a nice continued week and now give the stomach some love sothat it feels good 🙂

Johanna – Your Health Hero