During the days I was informed that I am nominated in Who´s Who in Green Beauty in Scandinavia. I am so proud and grateful to be nominated this year again! Last year I came in 9th place and am still incredibly happy and proud of this.


I work hard to make people aware of a greener beauty and love to see when things happen with the skin, when it looks and is much healthier. That the nature is positively affected and that more and more people understand how important it is with what we put both on the skin and in the mouth and how it affects the skin as well.

“The Who’s Who lifts up those who make a positive difference in the skin and the beauty industry. They are the ones who challenge and inspire others around them to do better for the industry, the Scandinavian region and ultimately the planet!


It is a great honor to be nominated among all these wonderful and talented beauty colleagues. We´ll se who wins on November 13 in Malmö at Eco Life Scandinavia.


Johanna – Your health hero!