I hope you’re doing well.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years, and I absolutely love the freedom of being my own boss. Sometimes, I encounter challenges on my entrepreneurial journey, which I view as opportunities for growth and gaining new perspectives.

Feeling like I’m not making progress toward my vision can be quite disheartening. However, I’ve come to realize that experiencing this discomfort can lead to personal growth. Only when I acknowledge, understand, and accept these feelings can I take positive action to overcome them.

Today, I want to share three factors that can impede your path to success and happiness. Once you recognize, comprehend, and embrace these factors, you can take steps to address them.

Three Factors That Can Hinder Your Success and Happiness!

We possess both an inner (subconscious) and an outer consciousness. Our subconscious often operates on autopilot, with imprints formed between the ages of 2-6 that shape our fundamental values and perceptions. These imprints persist into adulthood and influence our behaviors. To create new imprints, we can explore various therapies such as homeopathy, hypnosis, NLP, and energy exercises.

You can also rewire your brain by adopting new beliefs. Focus on the person you aspire to be rather than dwelling on your current identity (if you’re seeking change). Avoid dwelling on thoughts that involve the word “if.” For example, instead of thinking, “if I do this, then I’ll be happy and successful,” live in the present. Viewing things from an “if” perspective can generate negative energy. Embrace your desired identity now, and take action accordingly.

The brain’s role is to program energy, and your habits consume energy. Therefore, choose habits that utilize your energy wisely. Your subconscious doesn’t distinguish between true and false, but your conscious mind does. Thus, you can reprogram your subconscious, leading to changes in your outer consciousness. This alignment empowers your cells to work with you, not against you. Isn’t that remarkable?

Achieving a state of “flow” is when magic happens! Being in flow feels like soaring for me – it’s invigorating to be in a creative and aligned state. Setting goals and visions is crucial for knowing your life’s direction. I liken it to purchasing a train ticket with a specific destination in mind. Knowing your destination enables you to shape your character accordingly. In my courses, I teach how to recognize and transform these three obstacles, ultimately leading to more success, happiness, and flow in life!

You Are Your Biggest Obstacle

Frequently, we are our own saboteurs, with self-critical thoughts echoing in our minds. These daily thoughts impact our reality – positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. Hence, it’s vital to focus on what you wish to attract into your life.

Here, consistent practice is key. Personally, I acknowledge and reframe negative thoughts. I mentally step aside, observing my thoughts objectively. I then replaced the negative thought with a more empowering one while patting myself on the shoulder. This action reinforces the new belief in my subconscious. Give it a try, and observe how it works for you!

Overthinking Holds You Back

Worrying and stressing is like praying for what you don’t desire. Shift your focus from fearing scarcity of time, money, energy, or love. Redirect your resources toward pursuing joyful endeavors that resonate with your passions. Invest your energy wisely, and you’ll attract the outcomes you seek. What are your core values, and how can you cultivate them further?

Overexertion Hinders Progress

Pushing too hard can be counterproductive. Silence, stillness, and relaxation fuel your abundance journey. Understand that taking breaks and finding tranquility are not luxuries but necessities for sustainable progress.

As you can see, achieving abundance is within reach. The key lies in overcoming self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns that hinder your forward momentum. When do you make time for meditation and deep breathing throughout your day?

Have a healthy superhero day!

Love, Johanna